Services Offered

Rick works on schedule to tailor open source software or develop new software to the specific requirements of your project. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.


With C development experience dating to 2003, Rick can help with your C and C++ projects. Rick follows established best practices (e.g. use boost) and patterns (e.g. observer) when possible.

Rick is strong with bash scripting and GNU/Expect automation, and has completed small projects in Rust, Python, and Javascript / NodeJS.

Rick has hands-on experience with a range of embedded systems platforms including Freescale ARM MX6 and MX51, Intel CherryTrail/CherryView and NUC, Atmel AT89, Freescale PowerPC P2020 and 8641D, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.

Rick can optimize the space and time complexity of your project by leveraging open source tools and his academic background in Computer Science.

Rick has exposure to a number of software development methodologies including agile (Scrum, Kanban), classical waterfall, and “startup firefighting and panic.” Rick is comfortable working with numerous requirements management systems including Seapine TestTrack and IBM Rational.

Security & Hardening

Rick has experience penetration testing with nmap and other tools found in the Kali GNU/Linux distribution. Rick is familiar with common exploit techniques and can help harden applications against them.

Legacy Systems Maintenance

Rick is comfortable with debugging, maintaining, and modernizing legacy systems that other developers may not want to work with.


Rick has experience writing and maintaining thorough technical documentation using LaTeX and Atlassian’s Confluence. Rick is a native English speaker, and has been praised for his ability to communicate with brevity and specificity.