Open Source Contributions

…are too few in number! I am actively looking to solve this problem. I will offer highly competive rates on work for projects that will be open sourced via upstream contribution: contact me.

Below is a list of open source projects to which I have contributed, and a brief summary of my contribution.

Coin Price Indicatior

I added support for the Bitcoin exchange to this current-Bitcoin-price tray icon.

Monero cryptocurrency CPU miner (xmr-stak-cpu)

I added a fix for building on Windows.

StackOverflow / AskUbuntu / ServerFault

Though not a software contribution, I am active on StackOverflow’s network of Q&A sites.


“snapbtrex is a small utility that keeps snapshots of btrfs filesystems and optionally send it to a remote system.”

I added support for specifying the SSH connection port.


“A multimedia framework with a plugin based architecture for a variety of platforms including Linux”

I updated documentation to reflect changed APIs.

Kimchi Project Wok webserver

“Kimchi is an HTML5 based management tool for KVM.”

I caught and helped solve a bug in the project’s use of select().

I wrote-up some bugs against Kimchi: Dialog “Edit Guest --> Storage --> Add” labels size as GB but is actually KB and hardcoded path prevents kimchi module from loading when /usr/local prefixes /var

e1000 Ethernet

I added information to a bug report against the e1000 Ethernet driver.